My job:

'I make music with computers, and, I teach people how to make music with computers.'

Current Events
I am a Certified Apple Trainer for Logic Pro, teach regionally, and create internationally-distributed DVD tutorials on the subject. I am the Associate Director of the Sonic Arts Center. I am focusing on providing high-quality professional training to the community of musicians and producers who use Apple Pro Audio Apps, with my Mac Audio Trainers partnership. See Training for details.

I am getting into providing udnerscore and sound effects for film or video projects, and still occasionally collaborate on song projects. Some of my music, including Wired Planet, is available for licensed use. See Production for details.

A Brief History
Starting with blues and modal vamping, I have been improvising, composing and songwriting for 30 years.

I took piano lessons, and studied theory, harmony and jazz at Hunter College. I brought irreverent 20-something songs to New York City cafes and songwriting venues. I played piano for aspiring songwriters on the scene.

I took more lessons, and attended City College of New York's Music Department. While receiving a BFA in performance, it was here that I met Paul Kozel and studied music production, prior to the formation of the Sonic Arts Center at The City College of New York.

I played improvisational piano music for Dance classes for Limon, Graham, NYU, Ailey, and many other dance schools.

I worked in the computer department at Sam Ash in Manhattan for three years, during the meteoric rise in project-studio digital recording. I met a number of cool folks, and provided consulting and technical assistance to the likes of Pat Metheney, Stuart Matthewman (Sade), John Cale and many others with and without name recognition.

Immediately after its' inception in 1993, I began teaching, administering and technically supporting the Sonic Arts Center.

I was involved in producing several unsigned rock bands. I worked with a group called Sway, recording and co-producing the tracks that landed them a 2-record deal with Reprise as Thisway.

In 1995, I began to collaborate with Joseph Briggs. Together, we created Wired Planet Music. After years of recording and editing, we ended up with . . . . a killer record, but no record deal. Oh well. Joseph and I still collaborate. And the record is still available.

I currently live in New Paltz (go Jason West!), in the Hudson Valley, with my wife and two young children.



Jonathan Perl